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We are looking for investors! Investors and investment portfolios who are keen to partner with us into exciting and innovative biomedical of the 21st century. Aitventure want to support our incubates and founders who are passionate about their business ideas, hardworking, creative and passionate in making awesome products and services with funding support from our investors and institutional investment portfolios. Our investors matching service is an integral part of the services offered to private individuals, institutional and private sector investors with our potential incubates.


On 8 January 2016, the Singapore Goverment has committed S$19 billion (~US$13.2 billion) to research investments over the next five years. Approximately S$4 billion (~US$2.8 billion) will be invested each year from 2016 to 2020 on research, innovation and enterprise activities.

  • Adv. Manufacturing & Engineering ($3.3 billion)
  • Health & Biomedical Sciences ($4 billion)
  • Services & Digital Economy ($0.4 billion)
  • Urban Solutions & Sustainability ($0.9 billion)
  • Innovation & Enterprise ($3.3 billion)
  • Manpower ($1.9 billion)
  • Academic Research ($2.8 billion)
  • White Space ($2.5 billion)


“Commercialization of technology will be a key focus of RIE2020, to help create value from existing R&D investments in both the economy and quality of life. To turn Singapore’s investments into products, services and solutions, NRF will nurture ¬†high-growth innovative enterprise as well as engage the private sector.”